October 8, 2011 Midwest Regional March for Peace and Justice. U.S./NATO Out of Afghanistan NOW!

On October 8th, please come to Chicago

For a Midwest Regional March for Peace and Justice!

Join us as we take to the streets in a permitted march and rally on the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan war and occupation.

Make sure to check out the forums, panel discussions, and films that are being presented leading up to October 8th.

Tweet Your Rep! Here’s a list of Twitter accounts for your representative.

A highlight of the actions protesting the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan will be a march past the Obama 2012 National Campaign Headquarters. Other focal points of the march will be a military recruiting station located in the heart of downtown Chicago’s student district and Chicago’s Israeli consulate, the #1 receipient of U.S. military “aid”.

The action begins at 12 noon with a short rally at a plaza next to the busiest intersection in the city, Michigan Avenue & Congress Parkway, followed by a 1 pm permitted march along the following route: west on Harrison Street past the recruiting station to State Street, north on State Street to Wacker Drive, east on Wacker Drive past the Israeli consulate to Upper Columbus Drive, south on Upper Columbus Drive to Upper Randolph Street, east on Upper Randolph Street past the Obama 2012 National Campaign Headquarters to Michigan Avenue, and south on Michigan Avenue back to Michigan & Congress for a short closing rally.

At least one vehicle will be following the march to provide rides for those who are not able to walk the entire way.

Downtown parking can be very expensive, so we strongly suggest using Chicago’s low-cost public transportation if possible. The rallying point for the march is easily accessible via Chicago’s “el” (our subway system) and numerous buses. For more public transit information, including travel times, go to http://www.transitchicago.com/ or call 312-836-7000.


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